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Published on September 16, 2019 on the 2gnōMe page by ilya zeldin, Founder / CEO at 2gnōMe (To know me)

My opinions of the platform

2gnōMe (To know me) is a platform for school leaders to provide personalized professional development for educators. Using 2gnōMe helps ideally avoid, or at least reduce, what sometimes can feel like a one-size-fits-all approach to professional development. The platform enables school districts to provide a more individualized approach for professional learning, by clarifying and supporting the specific professional needs of individual teachers. Administrators can create opportunities for teachers to pursue their own learning path, with access to the right resources and supports they need and on their schedule.

Through the platform, teachers are able to focus more on their own professional growth. As educators, we want to provide more personalized learning opportunities for our students, so it makes sense that we advocate for more personalized learning for ourselves too. Schools now have the technology available to provide innovative and authentic learning experiences for all teachers. Not only will this benefit teachers, but providing learning opportunities like this will help to encourage teachers to provide the same experience for their students.

What Makes 2gnōMe Different

When it comes to professional learning, just like students, teachers need to be placed in the middle of the learning process. Teachers should have input into the types of learning experiences they engage in so they can build their skills in areas which are purposeful and connect with their respective roles. The 2gnōMe platform offers the perfect solution in a platform which supports teachers and, provides data-driven insights to individual educators and to system-level leaders such as district administrators. It can be difficult to find extra time in the day for collaboration, however, using a platform that helps to facilitate these connections between colleagues within the same school as well as through the Professional Learning Community (PLC) that will form is a tremendous benefit for teachers.

Sometimes there are concerns that certain digital resources will not be accessible to the schools based on integrations. The 2gnōMe platform can be used with any learning management system and any set of learning framework or standards, making it easier for administrators to set up and for teachers to use.

During the needs assessment, the variety of questions and ratings pushed me to reflect on my practice and consider recommended areas that I need to grow professionally. It is easy for teachers to get started on their professional learning journey. Teachers then receive recommendations based on their identified needs.

An example of what teachers receive is shown below. Teachers can explore the relevant ISTE standard, each competency and where they are in their professional growth. Using this information, teachers can then use it as a guide for where to begin their learning and it provides a more consistent way to access the professional learning that teachers want.

There are many benefits for teachers as learners built within the platform:

  • Teachers have an ongoing journal that they can refer to as they engage in learning activities.
  • Teachers have access to resources and gather personalized recommendations for their learning.
  • Administrative staff and coaches can use data to identify what is and what is not working.
  • It’s also an effective way to provide teachers with portfolios that can show proof of learning and provide different credentials and certifications that they need to be in compliance.

For Administrators, it is easy to see each of the modules and better understand which teachers need which specific type of learning experiences. Administrators can make comparisons between schools or across years of experience within the school, giving a clear view of where the needs are and types of resources to provide. There are many options to break down the data and shape the most effective learning experience for every teacher. Being able to provide this level of personalization for teachers helps to promote the collaboration that is so important for educators.

As a teacher, I want to make sure that I am preparing myself well so that I can provide the best educational experience for my students. Teaching can feel like an isolating profession at times and finding enough time to engage in professional development can be a challenge. This platform uses data to organize Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and provide teachers with better support through access to different coaches and networks in the state and globally. The platform creates the foundation for holistic and a continuous learning experience to build educator skills in a way that meets their needs and interests.

Using 2gnōMe, school leaders help their teachers engage in authentic, meaningful and personalized professional development in a supportive learning space. Together, teachers and schools will improve their practice, implement innovative methods, and achieve better results.

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Rachelle Dene Poth is a Spanish and STEAM: Emerging Technology Teacher at Riverview Junior-Senior High School in Oakmont, PA. She is also an attorney and has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. She serves as the President of the ISTE Teacher Education Network and received the ISTE Making IT Happen Award in 2019. She is a Future Ready Instructional Coach Thought Leader. Rachelle is the author of In Other Words: Quotes that Push Our Thinking, The Future is Now: Looking Back to Move Ahead, and Unconventional.

I am a French and Spanish Teacher, an Attorney, Author and Blogger, Learning Enthusiast and EdTech Consultant