How to Build Your Team

Dr. Rachelle Dené Poth
2 min readMar 31, 2023


Guest post from Henry Turner @turnerhj

Coalition Building is perhaps the most important step that you should be thinking about right now in building your DEI team. In Change the Narrative: Fostering an Antiracist Culture in Your School and the companion course Kathy Lopes and I discuss coalition building as an important part of strategic thinking.

As we planned our next “Change the Narrative” videos, I asked Kathy what topics she thought were the most important to cover. Without a pause, Kathy responded, “Coalition Building!”

So check out this video and build your team!

Why this Matters

Build a stronger coalition. Energize and develop the advocates of DEI initiatives. Resistance will form among some community members in dealing with any DEI initiative. In response to this resistance, we need to build up the voices of advocates for the work.

Build a broader coalition. Who are the groups that may not immediately jump on board with DEI work but may support some of the initiatives or changes you are advocating for? Find natural partners in this work.

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