Facing the Fog

Dr. Rachelle Dené Poth
3 min readApr 9, 2024


Guest post by Dr. Amy Mathews-Perez, a Director of Special Programs in a public school in Central Texas who also serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education (TCASE). Connect with Amy on X (formerly Twitter) at @drgrowtoknow and on Facebook at DrAmy MP.

Have you ever driven through fog? Depending on how dense it is, it can be eerie or ethereal. Sometimes the fog seems to just appear and other times, you can see it in the distance as you approach. When you are driving through dense fog, you tend to slow down because it can be hard to see what is right in front of you. Likewise, it can be difficult to know or see when the fog will end. There are times that it dissipates slowly, and other times when you drive right out of it sooner than expected.

Now, replace the image of fog with the challenges you are facing. “Challenges” can also be described as roadblocks, obstacles, or enigmas. There are many ways that fog and a challenge are similar. Perhaps if we consider those similarities both in CONTENT and APPROACH, we can improve our perspective and progress regarding challenges.

A key characteristic that fog and challenges have in common is that they are temporary…as long as you are moving through them. To stay stuck — or allow yourself to get stuck — in a challenge is like parking your car on the side of the road in the fog and just waiting until the fog goes away. What a waste of time and gas…plus you’ll be late to your destination! Face the fog with intention, cautious movement toward your goal and awareness of your surroundings.

Just like fog, sometimes challenges come out of nowhere — they blind you without warning, or they seem like “no big deal” until you get up close & personal. One potential response in that situation is to rush through and hope you get out of it soon, but that is a huge risk because you may not be able to see that vehicle coming toward you/up behind you until they are within 10 feet of you and then you have to REACT instead of respond. Same with challenges: if we rush through them without learning from them, without going slow enough to see the challenge in a different way, it can result in a crash between our goals and actions; that momentum of rushing can set us back instead of moving us forward.

Face the fog, don’t race the fog.

Just like challenges, fog can seem ubiquitous & consuming; it may blur our goals. But let’s think about it like this: What is fog made of? The condensation of water vapor; tiny liquid water droplets that hang in the air. What are challenges made of? The condensation of choices & opportunities that hang in your mental space. Embrace the mystery of progress, take the time you need to navigate your path and clarity to your goals as you face the fog.

About Amy

Texas-born & raised, Amy is in her 32nd year of serving public education. Her roles have included General Ed. Teacher, SLP, Diagnostician, SPED Supervisor, Assistant Principal, Principal and Director of Special Education.

She is the CEO of Making Education Special for All (M.E.S.A), an LLC dedicated to training, facilitation, consultation, and speaking engagements that revolve around information, motivation, and insights on why and how to make education special for all stakeholders. Her passions are communication, joy, authenticity, and empowerment.

“Life is short but our influence is never-ending,” and Amy is committed to connecting with others through service and smiles.

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