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Dr. Rachelle Dené Poth
7 min readApr 12, 2024

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As educators, we have access to a wide variety of digital tools to bring into our classrooms. We use these to enhance learning and provide new opportunities for students to build content knowledge, as well as help them to develop essential digital skills. With the right methods and tools, educators are able to achieve the goal of providing the most authentic, meaningful, and personalized learning experiences for all students. Leveraging these resources helps us to do this more efficiently and effectively and enables us to provide timely feedback and support to our students.

Now, with the power of generative AI, there are even more valuable resources available for educators to bring into their classrooms. We can use these tools to enhance the content being taught and also to support students so they learn how to interact with AI responsibly and safely.

Kyron Learning is a revolutionary interactive video learning platform that leverages conversational AI to transform the way educators can support their students. Kyron empowers teachers by saving them time, personalizing instruction, and providing valuable student data. With Kyron, students have access to a personal tutor who works with them as they build their skills in an engaging space. The power of AI helps teachers create interactive lessons that are student-paced and student-focused. As students work through a lesson, it truly feels like a one-on-one tutoring session with a real teacher. Students can ask and respond to questions, engage in further discussions, and receive immediate feedback, all made possible by Kyron’s AI assistant. The “conversational engine” listens to the student’s responses and selects the most appropriate pre-recorded video segment to play next. When you try a Kyron lesson for the first time, you will be amazed at how well it flows!

Using Kyron, teachers can provide additional opportunities for students that give them more individualized learning experiences. It is easy to get started by simply choosing from the many lessons already available for students. Are you teaching math? Explore the lessons available, such as “Base Ten,” “Place Value,” or “Comparing Fractions.” You will see the objectives, the number of lessons, and the languages available. You can even choose your tutor! With Kyron, teachers also have access to resources such as blogs and other materials to get them started!

Kyron Studio

Newly available in March, teachers can now create their own lessons for students using Kyron Studio! In addition to what Kyron already provides, with Kyron Studio, teachers can become AI tutors! Educators are also able to share and collaborate on lessons, leveraging the collective expertise of the teaching community. In Kyron Studio, teachers can design multi-modal AI-facilitated tutoring sessions for their students and make them even more personalized.

The sessions can be customized based on each teacher’s curriculum and include videos and visuals. It is a learning experience that engages and helps every learner to understand a concept in an authentic way and at their own pace.

Getting started with Kyron Studio is easy! You simply enter your objectives and provide relevant information about your learners, and a lesson outline with materials and questions will be generated. Once the lesson is generated, teachers can make any changes to the AI-generated content.

Learning with Kyron is fun!

As students work through lessons, they experience those “aha” moments when they finally understand something, and you can see their excitement! It is an engaging learning experience for students and one that also teaches them about purposeful and safe uses of AI. It benefits teachers because they can see students’ progress and support them right when they need it! While we all know technology can’t replicate the relationships between a teacher and a student, Kyron aims to also provide a supportive digital environment where students feel seen and valued.

I worked through several lessons and really enjoyed the experience. It was very different from other interactive lessons and platforms that placed students in the lead. To start, I spent time selecting a lesson to dive into and then was surprised that I was able to choose my tutor! I enjoyed testing how my tutor would respond to my answers and questions. I told my tutor that I was confused, entered incorrect answers, and asked for help and more clarification. Each time it responded to me in such a personalized way that helped me to understand. If I got an answer wrong, my tutor provided me with an explanation or another example. It was amazing to see how well it responded to my questions and adjusted similarly to how a teacher would with students in the classroom.

Some of the great features of Kyron are:

Multimodal Learning: Lessons can incorporate videos, images, and text, catering to diverse learning preferences and creating a more engaging experience.

Easy Lesson Creation: Kyron Studio offers an automated and user-friendly interface for educators to build custom AI-powered tutoring sessions.

Educator Choice: Educators control lesson content, can upload their own visuals, and curate the questions and answers, which makes it more authentic for students.

Assessment and Misconception Detection: Kyron identifies student misconceptions during lessons, providing valuable insights for educators to personalize and target instruction.

Focus on Safety and Ethics: Kyron prioritizes student safety by implementing controls and moderation layers to prevent inappropriate interactions.

Commitment to Transparency: User data is anonymized and used ethically to enhance the platform.

Supporting Educators and Students

In an increasingly digital world, especially with the rapid advancements in AI, what I value about Kyron is its approach when it comes to the use of AI and the creation of this platform. The key principles are:

  • Connect, Engage, Encourage: When students complete a lesson, they are supported and receive encouraging feedback during their learning journey.
  • Teach Through Dialogue: The lessons are interactive and fun for students to complete because they are involved in a conversation. Through prompts that promote critical thinking and problem-solving, students can build their skills in ways that meet their pace and specific needs.
  • Work in Concert with Teachers: Kyron provides high-quality, differentiated curriculum and gives teachers access to real-time student progress data. It helps teachers to target instruction and personalize instruction for every student.

There are so many great lessons available to start with, or just dive in and create your own lesson in very little time. I definitely recommend that you try some lessons to experience how unique Kyron is.

Ready to transform your classroom and empower your students? Visit Kyron Learning today at http://app.kyronlearning.com and see how Kyron can help you create a personalized and engaging learning experience for all students!

And if you want to learn more and connect with other educators, Kyron just launched a community for educators called the Visionaries! Educators can join a t www.kyronlearning.com/visionaries. Explore the great resources such as tutorials and more!

Rachelle Dené is a Spanish and STEAM: What’s Next in Emerging Technology Teacher at Riverview High School in Oakmont, PA. Rachelle is also an attorney with a Juris Doctor degree from Duquesne University School of Law and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. Rachelle is currently finishing her doctorate with a focus on AI and Professional Development. In addition to teaching, she is a full-time consultant and works with companies and organizations to provide PD, speaking, and consulting services. Contact Rachelle for your event!

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