Guest post by Ross Loveland, opinions expressed are those of the guest blogger

As an educator, your work is incredibly valuable. You do some of the most important work on the planet: teaching and molding the rising generation to successfully face life’s problems and to (hopefully) help make the world a better place.

And yet, too many educators, especially those in public education…

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Social, Emotional Learning-such jargony term. At least, this seems to be the mindset for many educators in the current days of checking off all of the boxes before 3pm rolls around, and trust me, there…

Guest post by Dr. Matthew Friedman, @mfriedmanPGH

School administration and educators continue to face a daunting task in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: how to educate students without a classroom. As many schools remain closed, educators rely on Google Classrooms, Zoom, and other online platforms to connect with students.

A new school year is always the perfect time to look for new ideas and tools to help me get to know my students and provide more authentic and meaningful learning experiences for them. As educators, we are focused on finding methods and tools to help promote the development of…

Over the past school year, educators sought new ideas and digital tools to bring to the classroom to help with transitions between virtual, hybrid, and ​in-person learning. Rather than focus on specific digital tools, I thought of methods that would not be impacted by shifts in our learning environment. …

Rachelle Dene Poth

I am a French and Spanish Teacher, an Attorney, Author and Blogger, Learning Enthusiast and EdTech Consultant

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